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Environmentally Friendly Powerful All-Purpose Cleaner


EASY CLEAN is a powerful, multi-purpose cleaner that removes black streaks and other dirt from fiberglass, metal, plastic, vinyl, fabrics and painted surfaces without damaging the manufacturer's finish or removing wax. It cleans quickly, easily and effectively with minimum effort. It rinses easily for cleaner, brighter results. It biodegrades readily and will not harm the environment.



- Powerful cleaning action removes the most stubborn stains

- Effective on all surfaces and stains

- Degreaser

- Easy to rinse

- Safe on all manufacturer finishes

- Will NOT remove waxes or polishes

- Environmentally friendly (phosphate-free, biodegradable)

- Pleasant scent



Rinse surface to be cleaned to remove loose dirt and to wet the surface. Spray Easy Clean, full strength, onto spots and agitate to clean. Dilute Easy Clean in a pail and apply with a soft brush, sponge, clean cloth or washing glove to clean the remaining surface. Rinse well with water.



Heavy duty spot cleaning      Full Strength

Moderate cleaning                10:1 with water

Light cleaning                        20:1 with water

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