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Water Repellant, Fabric Protector & Mold and Mildew Barrier with UV Protection


FABRI-GUARD is an all purpose fabric protector and water repellant. It is suitable for use on all natural and synthetic fabrics that are commonly used for boat covers, canopies, awnings, tents and fabric cushion covers. It is also effective on outdoor wear (coats, jackets, hats) and footwear.


FABRI-GUARD penetrates the material, surrounds the fibers, and protects them from stains, liquids and clinging odours.


By imparting a soft, yet durable film of protection, it enhances the life of your fabrics and makes the clean-up of spills a breeze.



- Fast drying

- Very low odour

- Non-staining

- Contains no ozone depleting substances

- Safe to use

- Impedes mildew formation



Coverage depends on a number of factors including the porosity of the material, ambient temperature, humidity and the application technique. Our experience has been that one litre of FABRI-GUARD will treat about 10 sq. meters of fabric. Coarse fabric may require more to cover all of the surface are of the material.



Although our aliphatic solvent system is compatible with almost all dyes, always test fabrics for colour fastness by spraying a hidden area of fabric until wet. Then wipe with a clean white cloth. If any colour rubs off on the cloth, do not treat the fabric.

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