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GREEN Cleaning Product - Non-Acidic


Tile and Grout Restorer - Deep penetrating formula lifts dirt and scale from
unsightly tiles and dirty grout lines
Many buildings have ceramic tiles, quarry tiles and other stone-type flooring surfaces. While these floors stand up to heavy traffic and abuse, the grout lines tend to suffer. Dirt that accumulates in the grout lines is almost impossible to remove with conventional cleaners and degreasers. Green Clean penetrates into this stubborn soil and removes it from the grout lines, restoring the grout to its original, attractive appearance.
- Powerful cleaning action removes the most stubborn stains
- Formulated to cling to vertical and horizontal surfaces
- Thickened formula ensures more product is available for cleaning and less is wasted by run-off
- Safe for the user
- Non-corrosive
- Non-acidic formulation
- Biodegradable
- Minimal aquatic toxicity
- Phosphate-free
- Pleasant odour
- Easy to rinse
- Removes rust readily
Traditionally,  products used in these applications have been formulated with strong acids. This unique new chemical formulation has a low pH and performs like an acid, but Green Clean contains NO ACIDS!
Green Clean is the responsible choice for individuals who are concerned about aquatic safety of wastewater. The active component has a COD (chemical oxygen demand) of only 0.1% of the commonly used acids, surfactants and other active ingredients.
- Ceramic tiles and grout
- Baths, showers and shower door scale
- Chrome ladders and fixtures
- Pool decks, sauna floors, whirlpools, drinking fountains
- Porcelain and stainless steel sinks and toilets
- Rust
Apply to surface being cleaned and agitate gently to ensure coverage. Allow up to 15 minutes for the chemical cleaning to take place. Scrub gently and rinse. May be diluted up to 4:1 with water, depending up severity.
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