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Spot and Stain Remover

Lift-Off uses a unique, bio-enzymatic system to remove stains and to eliminate odours at their source with one easy application. It is formulated for use on carpeting, upholstery and fabrics.

Lift-Off contains no hazardous ingredients!

The bio-enzymatic action actually "eats" food, vomit, blood, urine, pet stains, coffee, juices, grass, mustard, gravy, wine and much more. It provides excellent spot removal for carpets and furniture.



Spray Lift-Off onto stain and blot with a clean white cloth. Repeat as necessary. For very stubborn stains, allow the enzymatic action to proceed for 15-30 minutes, or longer. Carpets and some upholstery may be brushed with a soft brush to increase contact with stain and improve cleaning. Then wash, vacuum or clean normally.

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